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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Contents from the Beginning

Contents to Economic Reform 2008

I have not updated this Contents in a year. Click "Economic Reform" at the top to go to current essays.

How Inequality is Strangling the Nation
8/18/10 by Ben Leet

An Essay in Six Sections
7/7/10 by Ben Leet

Short essay about federal jobs
4/13/10 by Ben Leet

Public Service Employment
4/13/10 by Ben Leet

How to Double Incomes for Millions of Workers
3/18/10 by Ben Leet

We Should Learn from the New Deal
1 comment 2/10/10 by Ben Leet

We Must Transfer Wealth, Again ...
3 comments 12/22/09 by Ben Leet

Bernanke should not be reappointed --- No to Bernanke
12/22/09 by Ben Leet

Comprehensive Plan for a Jobs Program, Nationalize the banks
11/17/09 by Ben Leet

The Forbes 400 Equals the American 150 Million
8/11/09 by Ben Leet

Wages Must Rise
8/8/09 by Ben Leet

Comments and Suggestions to Your Call Radio
2 comments 7/22/09 by Ben Leet

3rd Letter to Congressman Stark June 2009, to Stark
6/24/09 by Ben Leet

U.S. Ranks 75th in Inequality U.S. 75th
6/24/09 by Ben Leet

Cause of Recession Is Low Wages
3 comments 4/21/09 by Ben Leet

Blog Contents
4/5/09 by Ben Leet

Why Obama should nationalize the banks
4/4/09 by Ben Leet

Blog Contents, December, 2008 2009, Brussee comment, March 22
3/22/09 by Ben Leet

A Man A Plan Jack Rasmus' Recovery Plan
3/18/09 by Ben Leet

Tax Wealth, Create Public Jobs --- U.S. Ranks 75th
1 comment 3/5/09 by Ben Leet

Blog Contents Blog Contents
1 comment 12/29/08 by Ben Leet

Why Full Employment
12/29/08 by Ben Leet

Case for a Full Employment Policy
12/5/08 by Ben Leet

Full Employment Leads to World w/o Poverty
10/10/08 by Ben Leet

Suggestions for the Meltdown/Bailout
10/10/08 by Ben Leet

Nationalize or Bailout? not Public Private Banks
9/28/08 by Ben Leet

Understanding the Crisis --- Once I built a tower ...
1 comment 9/20/08 by Ben Leet

Justice Revolution in Economics
1 comment 8/21/08 by Ben Leet

Bottom Half of U.S. Owns 2.5% of Wealth, Earn 15% Yearly
8/17/08 by Ben Leet

$100,000 per Year per Worker --- Celebrate!
8/13/08 by Ben Leet

Infectious Greed Overwhelms the U.S. Economy July 2008, Letter to Liam
7/31/08 by Ben Leet

Contents of this Blog Blog Contents
7/21/08 by Ben Leet

Are Economic Rights Human Rights?
7/21/08 by Ben Leet

Three Short Articles
1 comment 6/17/08 by Ben Leet

What Government Can Do --- A Ten Point Plan to Raise Incomes
1 comment 5/1/08 by Ben Leet

Another Letter to Congressman Pete Stark 2nd letter, Cong. Pete Stark
5/1/08 by Ben Leet

There Are Solutions
1 comment 4/6/08 by Ben Leet

A Wealth Tax to Eliminate Poverty
2 comments 4/6/08 by Ben Leet

Poem -- White Birds
4/6/08 by Ben Leet

The Twilight Zone takes over my mind
3/14/08 by Ben Leet

Letter to Congressman Pete Stark, February 5, 2008...
3/14/08 by Ben Leet

Economic Justice and Democracy by Robin Hahnel
3 comments 3/14/08 by Ben Leet

Odd, Very Odd
3/5/08 by Ben Leet

Is There a Middle Class?
2/21/08 by Ben Leet

Eleven Economic Failures, Seven Solutions
1/24/08 by Ben Leet

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